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Top Grades are Earned by new iPad Display And Apps

Published on Monday, April 30, 2012 by

When the third generation iPad was introduced many people were struck by the increased resolution of its Retina Display. But now after using it for about two weeks many users says that it is brilliant. Specially when interacting with so many texts, keeping up with Twitter or Facebook, browsing web, reading eBooks, and checking emails.

And still the New iPad display is just a layer of pixels if there is nothing interesting to run on it. Apple updated its iLife app for the iOS devices, iMovie and GarageBand. There is also added a new iPhoto app that offers the features not found in the company’s desktop consumer photo editor.

The built-in photos app does a fine job of viewing the photos, whether it is synced from Mac or is imported via Apple’s iPad camera connection kit accessory. A new recent update to iOS added some basic adjustments such as rotation, one-tap enhancements, red-eye removal, cropping and straightening, but they all are fairly limited.

Another feature that user don’t find in Mac version of iPhoto – edits to selective areas of a photo. The iPhoto on Mac applies edits to an entire image. In most cases it is fine but in some situation user want to lighten the exposure of foreground items without blowing the background to white, or may be boost the saturation of a small area instead of whole photo.

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