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HP Palm Topaz and Opal Tablet – iPad Opponents

Published on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 by

When it comes to the query of how would HP palm make an effort to breathe new life into Palm devices which is on the critical position, we are aware that it is fighting and doing struggle. Company should find another way out on something that’s more money-spinning on their end  as Palm Pre 2 would not be able to do this hunt all by itself.

HP Palm Topaz and Opal Tablet – iPad Opponents  - for iPad

The buzz has been in the air throughout the course of the HP Palm Saga that there are two types of tablets that that would be revealed. The one HP Slate 500 Window 7 would be targeting the business oriented people. The other one will be WebOS based tablet, which would be targeting consumer type of usage. It is being called Palm Pad by enthusiasts.

The feature of product is that very slim and trim, it has NB keys and no NUM pad. It has WebOS function keys, its boarder are smaller, broader and adjustable. There is no backlighting for keys, and the keyboard is full pitched. It has on/off switch, BT pairing button, and Battery Door and AA batteries.

According to a leaked Palm keyboard accessory presentation the next name of Palm tablet would be known as Topaz. Beside the WebOS powered tablet we’re hearing a lot this could be another tablet.  A very slick hardware will be represented by it though its feature is not clear till now. It will not have any hanging buttons in front and its design wouldn’t be using a slideout keyboard. Users can optionally connect a Bluetooth keyboard instead.

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